We are Literally Just Arresting People

Yeah, nothing ever went wrong with the state intervening in politically-motivated student protests…

The Climate in Florida

Where culture allows a wily stage magician to play a hero’s part.

Undue Process: A Historiography of a Legal Principle

Turns out the law is rather flimsy. We can use that to our advantage.

You Should be Exposed to Extreme Content

To expose and to be exposed is a part of discourse. Better uncomfortable now than in danger later.

150 Years of Possible Communism

And political freedom, latent, but never anihilated.

Weekend At Bernie’s

Only corporations can afford irony this rich.

David Graeber and Radical Communication

You might call it brainwashing, but it’s just ignoring the rules.

A Dirge for Liberalism

Will you viciously scrutinize him? Will you be on the street as the blood keeps pouring? No, I don’t think you will.

Bad Cop, No Donut

Defunding the police may seem like a call that is too radical for many. When taken to its logical conclusion, it has vast implications for statecraft.

Minneapolis Burning

The state demands the perpetual sacrifice of black blood. George Floyd was not the first and will not be the last.

Violence and Homelessness

Really, just imagine taking twenty bucks from a homeless guy. At least we’re beginning to stop that.

Mr. Kaepernick’s Sacrifice: Redux

In seeking to counter a myth, Kaepernick plays right into its hands

No True Socialist

Socialism is where the workers own the means of production.

Where 43 Gets it Right

Don’t misunderestimate his ideas. But lower your pitchforks, I still hate presidents.

Mr. Kaepernick’s Sacrifice

Cops are killing people. Also, buy Nikes.

The True Democracy

We don’t live in a democracy. But we can.