Modern Mythology: Espresso Martinis and Red Bull Vodkas

Drink Irresponsibly.

A Saga of Frozen Peaches

The Internet’s world-historical figure: A megalomaniac with fortune unfathomable. Does Twitter deserve anything but?

In Praise of Sardony

No myths, no irony, no post-irony. Just raw blood and facts, baby.

Do Not Call Us Latinx

For the love of God just call me a slur at this point.

Dress to Oppress

Because you aren’t impressing anyone.

Modern Mythology: The Entrepreneur

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, Thief.

Outlines in the Shadows

During this crisis, you have time to think. Think deeper. Think better.

The Corporate Conscience; Cultural Crimes

I guess this isn’t quite speaking ill of the dead, but it’s just as bad.

Modern Mythology: Supreme

To manifest your identity, you must sacrifice individuality. Through subjugation, one becomes supreme.

The Better Digital Community

Where social media fails, gaming succeeds. While social media rewards selfish behavior, playing certain video games with your friends instead rewards cooperation.

Writing, Essay, and Form

A short perspective on writing, and how it inspired this site.