We are Literally Just Arresting People

Yeah, nothing ever went wrong with the state intervening in politically-motivated student protests…

No Good?

Neither timely nor timeless, time is up for Larry David.

The Horror of Production

Garbage need not be justified as such. But hear me out…

Modern Mythology: Espresso Martinis and Red Bull Vodkas

Drink Irresponsibly.

Naked in Purgatory

A film worth watching? Certainly. A film we need now? Absolutely not.

You Lost the Culture War

Or: Why a Movie is not a Can of Beer.

The Climate in Florida

Where culture allows a wily stage magician to play a hero’s part.

A Saga of Frozen Peaches

The Internet’s world-historical figure: A megalomaniac with fortune unfathomable. Does Twitter deserve anything but?

Flash is Fast, Flash is Cool

Modern Mythology: The 80’s Renaissance

Undue Process: A Historiography of a Legal Principle

Turns out the law is rather flimsy. We can use that to our advantage.

In Praise of Sardony

No myths, no irony, no post-irony. Just raw blood and facts, baby.

Modern Mythology: Visual Identity

Designers have their job for a reason. Why should the Board get involved?

The Annihilation Industry

I’m minting this piece as an NFT so if you screenshot it I’m suing for 8 billion ETH.

Do Not Call Us Latinx

For the love of God just call me a slur at this point.

Dress to Oppress

Because you aren’t impressing anyone.

You Should be exposed to Extreme Content

To expose and to be exposed is a part of discourse. Better uncomfortable now than in danger later.

Modern Mythology: The Entrepreneur

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, Thief.

L’Art pour la denrĂ©e

Art cannot die. But there are fates worse than death.

150 Years of Possible Communism

And political freedom, latent, but never anihilated.

Weekend At Bernie’s

Only corporations can afford irony this rich.

David Graeber and Radical Communication

You might call it brainwashing, but it’s just ignoring the rules.

A Dirge for Liberalism

Will you viciously scrutinize him? Will you be on the street as the blood keeps pouring? No, I don’t think you will.

Bad Cop, No Donut

Defunding the police may seem like a call that is too radical for many. When taken to its logical conclusion, it has vast implications for statecraft.

Minneapolis Burning

The state demands the perpetual sacrifice of black blood. George Floyd was not the first and will not be the last.

Outlines in the shadows

During this crisis, you have time to think. Think deeper. Think better.

Violence and Homelessness

Really, just imagine taking twenty bucks from a homeless guy. At least we’re beginning to stop that.

The Limits of Authority: An Exercise in Abstraction

How can we extract political lessons from fantasy, a genre so unlike our own world?

Modern Mythology: Biopics

If you aren’t sick of these Oscar-season films, there’s a reason why you should be.

Mr. Kaepernick’s Sacrifice: Redux

In seeking to counter a myth, Kaepernick plays right into its hands

No True Socialist

Socialism is where the workers own the means of production.

It Just F–king Works

Or: On the Ability King Crimson in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure as it Relates to Fatalism and Free Will. Not really as catchy.

Where 43 Gets it Right

Don’t misunderestimate his ideas. But lower your pitchforks, I still hate presidents.

The Corporate Conscience; Cultural Crimes

I guess this isn’t quite speaking ill of the dead, but it’s just as bad.

The Problems with Vice

Pizzazz and highbrow-style wit can’t save a shallow, masurbatory bourgeois film

A Reminder that Game Developers Owe you Nothing

Or: Notes Towards a Theory of Aesthetic Entitlement with Respect to Capitalistic Society and Art in and For Itself.

Modern Mythology: Supreme

To manifest your identity, you must sacrifice individuality. Through subjugation, one becomes supreme.

Mr. Kaepernick’s Sacrifice

Cops are killing people. Also, buy Nikes.

The Better Digital Community

Where social media fails, gaming succeeds. While social media rewards selfish behavior, playing certain video games with your friends instead rewards cooperation.

Writing, Essay, and Form

A short perspective on writing, and how it inspired this site.

That Man

Who is That Man?

The True Democracy

We don’t live in a democracy. But we can.