Naked in Purgatory

A film worth watching? Certainly. A film we need now? Absolutely not.

You Lost the Culture War

Or, Why a Movie is not a Can of Beer.

Flash is Fast, Flash is Cool

Modern Mythology: The 80’s Renaissance

Modern Mythology: Visual Identity

Designers have their job for a reason. Why should the Board get involved?

The Annihilation Industry

I’m minting this piece as an NFT so if you screenshot it I’m suing for 8 billion ETH.

L’Art pour la denrĂ©e

Art cannot die. But there are fates worse than death.

The Limits of Authority: An Exercise in Abstraction

How can we extract political lessons from fantasy, a genre so unlike our own world?

Modern Mythology: Biopics

If you aren’t sick of these Oscar-season films, there’s a reason why you should be.

It Just F–king Works

Or: On the Ability King Crimson in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure as it Relates to Fatalism and Free Will. Not really as catchy.

The Problems with Vice

Pizzazz and highbrow-style wit can’t save a shallow, masurbatory bourgeois film

A Reminder that Game Developers Owe you Nothing

Or: Notes Towards a Theory of Aesthetic Entitlement with Respect to Capitalistic Society and Art in and For Itself.

That Man

Who is That Man?